Part 1: What actually is Fair Trade?

With Fairtrade Fortnight fast approaching I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to write a post. We all know Fair Trade exists, we learn about it at school and hear our friends or colleagues talking about it…

…but what actually is Fair Trade?

Basically, Fair Trade is when a partnership seeks greater fairness for those trading their products to consumers internationally. A farmer who sells on Fair Trade terms gets a better deal and better terms of trade to help improve their life and future.

Who promotes Fair Trade?

There are many organisations out their whose mission it is to achieve Fair Trade. To name a few The World Fair Trade Organisation, Fairtrade, Fairtrade international all campaign for fairer trade. They do this by supporting the producers in developing countries, getting us consumers on board and campaigning for improvements in conventional international trade.

Let’s take one example. The charity Fairtrade campaigns for better prices, better working conditions and better terms of trade for farmers and their workers. They work to support disadvantaged farmers in developing countries by encouraging UK industries and consumers, like you and I, to support trading that’s fair.

So how does Fair Trade affect you?

Whenever you buy any product with the Fairtrade Mark like coffee, cotton or rice, it means that it has been grown or made by small-scale farmers in developing countries that meet Fairtrade standards. They protect workers’ rights, get paid a minimum price and some of the money they receive is invested in community projects. So just by buying products with the Fair Trade Mark, you’re helping support the farmers out there get a stable income and have a future. How good does that feel to play a part?! You can help reduce poverty simply by doing your weekly shop!

Sounds great how can I get more involved? Read ‘Part 2: How can I get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight?’

Want to find out more?

Check out these websites for lots of information on Fair Trade and Fairtrade Fortnight:

Fair Trade:                                                                                                   

Fairtrade Fortnight:                                                                                                  


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