Part 2: How can I get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight?

What’s going on in Fairtrade Fortnight?

Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 arrives on 29th February to 13th March. So what’s going on in Fairtrade Fortnight and how can you take part? Every morning we take for granted our breakfast that has been grown by people in developing countries who sometimes can’t even feed their own families. Sometimes not having this food security can last for 3-4 months! Why should farmers who work so hard to grow the food we eat go hungry themselves? That’s why Fairtrade are trying to get people to ‘sit down for breakfast and stand up for farmers’ by organising or taking part in a Big Fairtrade Breakfast.

How can I take part?

Basically, Fairtrade want you to take action to organise or be a part of a breakfast eating only products with the Fair Trade Mark. Simple! This will support the 1.5 million registered farmers Fairtrade works with by helping them earn a sustainable income and giving them and their workers a minimum price. They will also receive a Fairtrade Premium so they can invest in the community and have a brighter farming future. Your Fairtrade breakfast can help farmers earn money to put food on the table and grow more crops.

Why not organise a Fairtrade Breakfast with your colleagues, family or friends to do your bit for Fairtrade Fortnight? You could make it even more fun by dressing up, fundraising or even added a bit of healthy competition to your breakfast! You can even download lots of resources from the Fairtrade Fortnight website to help you on your way!


And don’t forget to register your Fairtrade event online to inspire others to do the same or spread it on social media! #BigFairtradeBreakfast

Not got the time?

If you’ve not got time to organise a Fairtrade breakfast with other people, why not simply change the products in your breakfast to a Fairtrade Mark option? It doesn’t even have to be your breakfast… it could be your coffee, juice, muffin or snack!

Let’s be the biggest breakfast in the world!

Want to find out more?                                                                                  Check out these websites for lots of information on Fair Trade and Fairtrade Fortnight:

Fair Trade:

Fairtrade Fortnight:

Fairtrade Breakfast:


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