Seasonal Superfood Salads

This is less of a recipe and more of a guide to a bowl of food that is densely nutritious and filling.

Forget bland salads that find you hungry later. This is about eating a well balanced meal that offers dense nutrition to sustain you. It is also about eating in a sustainable way through a seasonal vegan or vegetarian dish whereby you don’t use any fuel because it is raw – yes this Seasonal Superfood Salad is brilliant for that! Use the following ‘formula’ as a guide, the ingredients are chosen for their dense nutritional content, but of course add your own ideas and get creative!

Ingredients: (choose 1-2 from each category and arrange on your plate)

The Base – raw densely nutritious green leaves such as baby spinach, watercress, rocket

Colourful Vegetables – raw chopped peppers, carrots, beetroot, yesterday’s left over steamed vege, tomatoes, radishes, sweet potato, cucumber

Protein – tinned pulses (lentils, kidney beans etc), raw sprouted pulses and seeds (e.g. mung, chickpeas, adzuki beans) tofu slices, boiled egg, quinoa, nuts/seeds, cheeses, hummus

Carbohydrate – wholegrains (e.g: rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, barley, wild rice), wheat-free crackers (oat, buckwheat, rice cakes etc)

Healthy fats and dressing – avocado, guacamole, a sprinkling of nuts/seeds (e.g.chia seeds, sunflower seeds, toasted almond slices) , dressings made with cold pressed oils (e.g. olive oil, flax, hempseed, rapeseed) and a splash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Flavours – jazz it up with jars you keep in the fridge of: olives, sundried tomatoes, capers, artichokes etc. Maybe some pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, fresh chopped herbs such as parsley, or a blob of pesto


  1. First consider the proportions to ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals whilst supplying enough protein, carb and good fat to tell you body to stay full for a while. Try: Base & vege 50%, Protein 25%, Carb 15%, Flavours 5%, Dressing and good fats 5%.
  2. Choose foods you love and new ones you haven’t tried yet. Mix your base, vege, flavours and dressing in a bowl (or if you are having it the next day for lunch keep your dressing in a separate pot and add just before you eat). Grate, chop, slice! Vary the textures and shapes to keep it interesting.
  3. Depending on what other ingredients you have they may be mixed into the whole bowl or served on the side (e.g. crackers, avocado, egg)

Enjoy and be creative!


Dietary/nutrition: vegan/vegetarian. Can be adapted to gluten free diet. If choosing hemp, flax, rapeseed oil these provide omega’s often lacking in our diets. Raw sprouted seeds and beans provide a powerhouse of protein and enzymes.

Storage: Can be made the night before and stored for the next day in the fridge in Tupperware containers.



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