Ugly veg helps make a happy bank balance!

Asda are selling 5kg boxes of odd-looking fresh produce for just £3.50 each, which is cheaper than regular shaped fruit and veg, and they are fresh and tasty nonetheless! ‘Wonky veg boxes’ are packed with unusual onions, crooked cucumbers and peculiar parsnips! The contents of the wonky fruit and vegetable box will vary depending on what’s in season, but you can expect to find misshapen carrots, potatoes, peppers, cabbage and leeks to name a few! Pears, apples, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes and garlic might make an appearance too!

The money saving scheme for these exclusive, abnormal vegetables that would usually be left on the shelves, not only keeps your budget at bay but helps farmers get more of their crop onto the shelves. The boxes are 30% cheaper than standard lines and are enough to feed a family of four for a working week! Wasting food costs the average household £470 a year, but when half a million people in the UK are using food banks, this level waste is just not okay!

Why buy it? A staggering 20-40% of fruit and vegetables produced by UK farmers goes to waste; often either left for animal feed, getting ploughed back into the ground or sent to landfill, all because supermarkets don’t want them. Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty visited a farm in Norfolk where up to 10 tonnes of misshapen veg are rejected on a weekly basis all because they look ugly!

So chip in with your housemates, save your pennies and you’ll reduce wasted food! It’s a great reason to start trying new recipes too, vegetable curry, soups, chilli and more – you can check out some of the recipes on our blog for ideas!


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