Eco-Hydrate: Infused Waters Coming to you 18th & 19th April!

Do you want to stay fully hydrated and be as healthy as you can be? Do you want to avoid unnecessary plastic bottle or cup waste ? Do you find buying bottled drinks during the day expensive?  If you answered YES to all 3 read on!

Bottled water is a drain on the environment not only is much of the bottle waste not recycled but the fuel used in its chilling and transportation is a negative factor too. So what is the alternative for cold drinks? Not everyone enjoys the taste of tap water but with a water filter and some natural flavours we would like to change their minds.  There are so many natural fruits, herbs, spices, and ingredients you can use to enhance the flavour and get some health benefits whilst doing your bit for the planet.

The EatGreen blog would like to inspire you to make your own infused water. We also wish to support the University ‘Go Green’ week (w/c 18th April).

To help with all this I am putting on an Eco-Hydrate event in Crawford House on Mon 18th &  Tues 19th April for Careers Service staff. If you are keen to attend and are not from Careers then try the Atrium’s Vegan bake event on Thursday of the same week – where the Atrium staff will also be providing the infused water using my recipes.

Come along on one of the above days, bring a drink vessel (not a single use plastic cup, something re-useable), pick up a recipe leaflet and feel good all day!

By OZL Houghland


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