Infused Water – Getting Started


Making your own infused water (see also the Eco-Hydrate event posted)

Rating – easy


1. Slice ingredients and leave in the water for min 2hrs to a max 24hrs, ideally in the fridge. I prefer to use filtered water to remove any chlorine or trace heavy metals.

2. Once you have infused the water with your chosen ingredients, you may drink and top up with more ingredients during the 24hr time frame if you wish. However, it is advised to remove the fruit and ingredients after 24hrs.

3. Unless you have already drunk the water, you may continue enjoying the remaining water (without the ingredients) for up to 3 days.

Eco Benefits:

Tap water is infused with fruit/herbs in a re-usable jug/bottle, reducing unnecessary plastic bottle/cup manufacturing, transportation, energy & waste.


Adding fruit slices increases flavour yet contains far less sugar than fruit juice – hydrating you all day without the calories. The many other herbs and natural ingredients you use can impart health benefits.


Cheaper than bottled drinks.


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