A Day in The Life of a Vegan Eating Student

We asked the Students of UoM to step forward to talk about Vegan eating.

UoM Student, Emily Brooks who is an advocate of all things vegan, has shared an insight into what Vegan eating is like, what foods it involves and the many benefits that come with it!

‘Veganism is not about giving anything up or losing anything; it is about gaining the peach within yourself that comes from embracing nonviolence and refusing to participate in the exploitation of the vulnerable’ – Gary L. Francione

I am writing about my typical day as a vegan – what I eat and how this varies. The foods I eat are mainly plant-based, though I definitely treat myself to junk food and fatty treats often. The things I eat in a day most definitely depend on how busy I am, how much exercise I am (or am not!) doing, and of course: what I’m craving! When I’m busy at University, I take small meals with me, as well as snacks and a bottle of water. It can certainly be expensive if you eat out all the time, so I like to be prepared and plan my meals beforehand. That said, like everyone else, I am lazy sometimes, so I just pick up a meal deal from Tesco (the vegan option being ‘Falafel and houmous wrap). It’s great to see more and more retailers stocking vegan options! If I’m not busy, I tend to stick to the normal three meals a day and make sure I pack in the nutrients!

Usually, I wake up and drink about 500ml of water straight away, which I keep at the side of my bed. Most people prefer exercising in the morning, to kick-start the body and provide an energy boost, however, for me, I prefer it at night, to tire myself out and ensure I have a great sleep. For breakfast, I have either porridge made with cinnamon, coconut sugar and fresh or frozen fruits, or a smoothie. Today I had 3 bananas, 100ml coconut water, 100ml water, 1 tbsp soy yoghurt (for creaminess), a handful of frozen blueberries, and half of a mango. By consuming all this sugar in the morning, you’ll be awake and alert and full of energy for the coming day!

I snack throughout the day, on fruit, vegetables, nuts or raw bars (Nakd bars are great though can be a little pricy). If I’m just chilling at home, I’ll perhaps have carrot sticks and houmous (which I make myself to keep low on sodium and added extra fats).

If you are looking to go vegan, it really is the most fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle – no cruelty and better health! As much controversy as there is around veganism – if you think about it, it really is the most compassionate way to live! You would be fighting against animal cruelty and promoting health, as well as helping the environment! Do some research and you will most definitely find studies and statistics showing how drastically veganism can improve overall health…and the planet!


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