Eco-Hydrate Event: Blueberry, Lemon and Mint Infused Water

IMAG2218Today was the first Eco-Hydrate event for Careers Staff in Crawford House. The infusion was Lemon, blueberry and mint. Ema was the first person to try it and thought it was awesome!

Comments from other staff included:

“Very refreshing” “Very nice mint – just needs vodka!” “Very pleasant and nice after-taste” “It’s a great idea!” “Better than water”

Many of you asked about the container. It is a Kilner urn, it should cost about £20, I got mine in homebase. It is a good investment if you want to share homemade drinks with friends and is particularly good for allowing children to help themselves. It has a 5 litre capacity, so if you infused water overnight, it could be enough to keep a small family of 3-4 going in water the next day.



Rating – Easy

Timing – You need to infuse ingredients for a min of 2 hrs to get any flavour. Ideally infuse for 16-max 24 hrs. After this time discard the ingredients and keep the water. The water can be enjoyed for up to 3 days if kept cool.


A few handfuls of mint leaves, 2 lemons, a small punnet of blueberries, 5 litres of filtered tap water (I filter mine to remove traces of hard metals and chlorine).


  1. Crush the mint to release the flavour
  2. Slice the blueberries
  3. Slice the lemons & remove pips
  4. Add to the water and infuse for 16-24 hrs.
  5. Enjoy!


Make sure you drink 2 litres  of water a day to keep hydrated. Always consider if you really need to buy bottled water when tap water can suffice – it saves on the fuel and transportation for bottled water and prevents unnecessary plastic bottle waste.

Here I am with a flyer while Ema enjoys another last drink. Thanks to everyone who joined in and commented. I am looking forward to tomorrows flavour – Strawberry, lime and grape!


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