Eco-Hydrate Event – Strawberry, Grape and Lime Infused Water

Today was the 2nd Eco-Hydrate event for Careers Staff in Crawford House – and what a perfect sunny day for a refreshing drink! The infusion was strawberry, grape and lime and it was certainly a crowd pleaser! Emma, Dominic and Delia enjoyed it and several staff commented it was their favourite.

IMAG2225Staff comments include: “Yummy! I love the colour, the kids will love this”, “Really liked it”, “Very refreshing”, “Fruity without the sweetness. I feel really healthy now!”, “It reminds me of strawberry and lime cider!”

Again there were lots of questions about the Kilner urn, I got mine in Homebase. Equally you can use normal jugs, glass jars or just pop a slice of fruit into a normal drinking bottle. But if you really want to do regular infusions there are a range of infusion pitchers and bottles available on Amazon specifically designed for the purpose starting at about £8. They look amazing!


Recipe: Strawberry, grape and lime infused water

Rating – Easy

Timing – You need to infuse ingredients for a min of 2 hrs to get any flavour. Ideally infuse for 16-max 24 hrs. However a special note for strawberry infusions – after about 16 hrs they will go very mushy and white (having released all their flavour into the water). So for today’s water, I took them out in the morning, but for the sake of decoration added some fresh ones. With any infusion drain the ingredients after 24 hrs and discard. The remaining water can be enjoyed for up to 3 days if kept cool.

 Ingredients: (this is for 5 litres, scale down for less).  A whole punnet of strawberries, ¼ punnet of seedless red grapes, 3 small limes, 5 litres of filtered tap water (I filter mine to remove traces of hard metals and chlorine – fewer toxins).


1.Wash and slice strawberries 2.Wash and halve the grapes 3. Cut the rind off 2 of the limes and slice, (as not to make it taste too bitter), and I added one sliced lime with rind on – for some colour 4.Add ingredients to the water and infuse for 16-24 hrs. Remove the strawberries after about 16 hrs or when they go white, add new ones if you wish, but strain all the fruit within the 24 hr period from starting to add fruit. 5.Enjoy!

 IMAG2223Try different flavours of infused water each day to get your daily 2 litres. If rushed for time, just pop a slice of one of your favourite fruits into a portable drinks bottle the night before. Try to avoid drinks in plastic bottles as they have a very poor carbon footprint.

Thanks to everyone who joined in with Eco-Hydrate. If you are in the Atrium in University Place this Thursday, there will be a coffee morning with delicious eco baking, plus a chance to try some more of the fruit infused water!





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