Vegan lemon curd recipes

As someone with an issue with eggs I had to give up lemon curd.  I have never seen vegan lemon curd in shops so I didn’t really think about it until I saw a recipe recently.

Somehow I assumed it would be difficult – but it’s really not. I’ll give you links to 2 recipes both of which can be made in the microwave and take little effort other than grating & juicing your lemons!

Recipe 1: This is the type often referred to as lemon cheese it’s a firmer texture.

Recipe 2: This type is more gelatinous but very delicious.

You can make both types with or without bits just strain your lemon & sugar mixture once boiled and before you add the other ingredients.  I quite like with bits for extra tang.

Both keep well in the fridge for weeks. I confess I didn’t even sterilise the jars I just used ones that had been through the dishwasher.  The jars don’t event need to be warm the mixture isn’t that hot!  If you intend to make huge batches to keep then I guess its worth proper sterilising & sealing etc.

It makes a fabulous cake filling too.

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  1. Wow. I HAVE to try this!


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