Using up natures bounty and disasters – Recipes and ideas.

It’s that time of year when fellow gardeners and allotmenters are showing off huge crops of juicy red tomatoes, huge marrows and baskets of beans and peas.

Yes, but it doesn’t always go that way.

What exactly can you do with gluts of veg or failed veg like green tomatoes?greentomjam

Green tomatoes are a tricky one, with the usual dodgy Manchester summer our tomatoes got blight again before they could ripen, but all is not lost there are recipes you can use.

I made a green tomato, lemon & chilli jam (also helping with my abundance of insanely hot chillies)  I think it needs a bit less boiling it has a consistency nearer toffee but it is nice. ( I just found a few recipes online and combined them a bit)

I also made green tomato, potato and green bean curry. ( yep all home grown). And a kind of roasted veg ratatouille, with you guessed it green tomatoes and kohlrabi (also a veg I have no idea what to do with)

Basically don’t be afraid just to bung things in, vegetables are very forgiving just look for a balance of sweet and sour flavours so that your red peppers, onions and ripe canned tomatoes balance out any greener veg. (and yes technically tomatoes are fruits)

This weekend i’m going to try making green tomato chutney




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