New year, new healthy you?

For many people, the changing of the year brings about a change in their attitude towards health and food. I, for one, fall into that category and have had a burst of enthusiasm towards getting fit and healthy. One way I have pledged to do this is by drastically cutting back the amount of meat I eat. Why? It is so much cheaper, often a lot healthier and because the meat industry is kind of horrible (to put it lightly).

So, with this in mind I have put together some veggie/vegan alternatives to your well known favourite dishes.


In my opinion, curry is definitely the easiest meal to make vegetarian. I found if I upped the veg content I didn’t miss the meat at all. In my Thai curry I chuck in loads of pak choy, baby corn, mange tout, courgette, peppers and tons of other bits and bobs. If you are not such a veggie lover, try using potatoes or lentils in your Indian curries to bulk them up.

Needing inspo? Nigel Slater’s aubergine curry went down a storm last night and it’s so easy and cheap! Try if for yourself-

Chilli non Carne.
Instead of using mince, try substituting for either Quorn mince or a variety of beans and veg. I personally vamp up the veg by using chunky courgettes, aubergine, peppers and mushrooms, adding a tin of kidney beans as per usual and an extra tin of chickpeas for luck. Delicious and FAR healthier than processed meat.

Stir fry
Worried that a vegetarian stir fry won’t keep you full? Me too, which is why I had an egg or two to boost the protein content and some peanuts on top to keep me fuller for longer.  To add egg to your  stir fry, simply push the veg and noodles to the side of the wok and scramble an egg in the space provided, or, try frying an egg in coconut oil and putting it on top.
Egg fried veg is hugely popular in many parts of Asia which is not surprising once you taste how delicious it is.

Falafel with Roman lettuce wraps
Falafel is a go-to veggie alternative, but it can often be deep fat fried so slightly on the calorific side. If you make it at home you can avoid this. Try this BBC good food recipe, but I’d recommend upping the spices for extra flavour.  For a proper health kick, substitute your pitta bread for a big Roman lettuce leaf.

And finally, if after turning a bit more vegetarian you realise you have a few pennies to spare, why not put some money towards this amazing Green project? . Food going to waste… turned into amazing restaurant meals…costing a price you think is reasonable? I’m sold.


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