Eat 10 a day, be active, eat sustainably, zero carbon & food miles. It’s a lot to take in!

superfoodIn recent news ….

It’s all a lot to take in and does it really matter or make a difference?

Well yes it does, but for many of us it’s baby steps.

I’m a vegetarian so you’d think 10 portions of fruit and veg would be easy. Until…

  • You consider it should be 10 different fruit & veg
  • Really only 2-3 should be fruit
  • They should be from different families of veg
  • Different colours to get all those sneaky vitamins.
  • Spuds don’t count!
  • You want local, seasonally grown veg (er so in winter that’s pretty much cabbage & leeks!)

We consumers can do our best – but we need growers to grow a wide range of veg in the UK for us to consume. It looks like they are making baby steps too.

10.000 steps a day….Well perhaps don’t be quite so literal.

Wearing a pedometer and wandering round your house to get your steps up to the magic number is probably not really helping.  (Though its better than vegging on the sofa I grant you.)

Trying to have a more active lifestyle where you walk instead of taking the bus or car for short trips will be a better strategy long term. If you need a pedometer to motivate you, so be it.  Take up an activity you enjoy, dancing, yoga, swimming, cycling. If it’s fun you will do it more often maybe it will help you get to 10,000 steps, maybe it will help you become fitter, healthier and happier too.

Finally because it what we do here – a recipe to share:

Superfood salad – : ready steady cook style!

Assess what’s in your cupboard/ fridge first and aim to use some of that up before you buy extra stuff.

  • You need some grains.  Brown rice, wild rice, quinoa etc (either cook it or use a precooked pack)
  • You need some pulses – puy lentils are good, or use chickpeas or beans (not baked beans)
  • As much veg as you can throw in – peas & sweetcorn from the freezer are fine!  I used peas, fresh tomatoes-chopped, grated carrot, radishes & kohlrabi, celery,beetroot & peppers.
  • Herbs – mint & parsley are good – chop roughly or tear.
  • Lemon juice squeezed over.
  • Pomegranate –  if you want that trendy middle eastern look.

Mix it all up in a bowl.

Top with:

  • Avocado
  • Tofu satay (for satay sauce combine curry paste, peanut butter, lemon juice & chilli sauce with a little water and microwave – stirring till smooth and thick.)
  • any meats or fish you like.
  • You could use harissa or chilli sauce to give it some zing too.

If you really put your mind to it you can get 10 veg in this one dish!








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