Lacking in motivation? 3 top tips.

It can be quite a challenge to stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to staying green, eating clean and being sustainable. I often find myself reaching for the biscuits when it’s raining outside, or inching ever-closer to dialling the number of my fave (rather expensive) takeaway when curling up in front of a film. So how are you meant to stay motivated when the weather is rubbish and your new year, new you buzz has died? Here are a few top tips:

  • Exercise.
    Ok, so maybe not what you want to hear if you are already lacking in motivation, but getting yourself active can make your motivation to be green absolutely sky rocket. I’m not talking about doing a hard-core session in the gym, or even suggesting that you should go for a run (as we all know running is really difficult if you are not a runner)
    Instead, why not try walking to the next bus stop down from your normal one? Or download an app which tracks your steps? If you really want to go for it, you could try jumping on the new HIIT bandwagon and doing a 20 min high intensity workout in your living room. Once you push yourself to be a bit more active, you’ll be surprised how quickly your mentality can change.
    If you need that extra push to get your exercising, try following a few fitness blogs on Instagram – it’s what finally got me in the gym!
  • STOP and breathe.
    It’s very easy to get lost in the rhythm of everyday life, to become part of the monotony of Metro, Boulot, Dodo (a brilliant French phrase meaning travel, work, sleep), or to constantly be thinking about the next thing you need to do. STOP… Take 5 deep, long breaths and close your eyes. How do you feel? What you stressed about?  What do you want to achieve today? Taking some time to stand still, breath and slow down can be an incredibly powerful antidote to a lack of motivation. It can focus your mind and make you address the things that you might be ignoring.
  • Think about the environment.
    This is a huge one for me when I see myself reaching for a bacon sarnie or going to switch on the heating when I’m feeling a bit chilly.
    Remember, every single decision you make has a direct impact on the environment.

    Every time you eat meat, you are supporting the meat industry which produces more Co2 emissions than the entire transport industry combined.
    You are supporting the rearing of cattle which in the US uses 34 trillion gallons of water per year. According to water aid website, 663 million people are currently living without safe water.
    When you turn that heating on instead of putting on a jumper you become directly responsible for the burning of fossil fuels.
    Every single decision makes a difference and I really can’t stress that enough. Sometimes a few home truths and a bit of hard-hitting facts can get your motivation back up. If you really want to open your eyes to the reality of the crisis, give Cowspiracy a watch.

So there you have it, 3 top tips to get your motivation back up and keep you feeling green, happy and sustainable 🙂


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