About Us

Welcome to the EatGreen2016 – UoM blog! We are a group of University of Manchester staff sharing one mission – to inspire and encourage UoM staff and students to make a positive impact on sustainability through the food choices they make. That’s it, simple!

We all know that as the world population rises and the climate changes, the way we eat is a crucial contributing factor. So we want you to share our passion and feel inspired to try something new! So you can expect to find tips on: preparing food in a sustainable manner, where to shop and eat, reducing food packaging and waste, increasing your ‘Green’ or vegetarian choices to reduce climate change, being fair-trade conscious and buying responsibly and much more.

It’s amazing what a difference just small changes to your habits can make to the environment – and more importantly how this can make you feel good too! We want to nourish your body and soul with delicious healthy recipes to help you feel well without it costing the planet or your wallet too much.

This blog is an unofficial initiative led by a group of staff in the Directorate of the Student Experience. Find out about environmental sustainability at The University of Manchester.



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